A Family Farm Near Cincinnati

basket of heirloom tomatoes

Faithful Hands Farm is a little backyard farm with big dreams in Petersburg, Kentucky—about half an hour from Cincinnati.

Although we are not certified organic, we use all natural and organic growing practices, with no synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs. We try to imitate nature as much as possible, using sustainable farming methods that heal and build the soil—such as composting, minimal tilling, and cover cropping.

Meet the Farmers



Having always loved the outdoors, I'm naturally drawn to farming. I work a full-time office job, so the farm offers a much-needed chance to breathe fresh air and work with my hands. And as a husband and dad, I want my family to eat real food I know is safe and healthy.

My favorite parts of farm life are the sparkling early sunrises, eating the first spring peas, and the warm, sweet smell of a beehive.



I've always enjoyed gardening, and in the past couple years we've been able to grow lots of new things. My days are busy keeping up with our little girl and working around the house. I love watching pea plants curl up the trellis in early spring, harvesting garlic in mid-summer, and cooking with all the fresh produce throughout the year.

About the Farm

backyard farm garden beds

We recently moved from Petersburg to Demossville, Kentucky, in a fixer-upper with a decent piece of land. We're excited about growing at our new location, but there's a lot of prep work before things are fully up and going. You can expect some changes to this website before too long, reflecting our new location and some fresh ideas! We look forward to caring for our little piece of earth, reaping the harvest, and sharing the bounty with local families.

Our Mission

We faithfully steward the land, providing local families with wholesome food that is truly fresh and grown how the Creator intended.

Our Vision

Faithful Hands Farm will equip and inspire future generations to sustainably grow wholesome food, loving families, and deep-rooted faith.

Our Values

  • Faithfulness: Work hard. Have faith and patience for the long haul.
  • Kindness: Treat all life with compassion and generosity.
  • Honesty: Be genuine. Have nothing to hide.
  • Harmony: Enhance natural beauty and order. Promote peace.
  • Simplicity: Make do. Don’t overdo it. 
  • Thankfulness: Enjoy what you have. Laugh often.
  • Forgiveness: Give grace freely. Heal and renew what is broken.
  • Creativity: Foster curiosity, wonder, and imagination.